Will Google & Twitter replace the URL for websites ?

Every computer users will know how much they need Search engine like Google on their day to day life. The time has gone when computer users used to keep remembering the website names and use them to reach the website.

Everybody know Uniform Resource Locator ( URL ) is the visiting card for every websites. This lets the users to reach their prefered websites with user friendly names through Internet Browsers. Internet Browser becomes our computers window for accessing billions of websites.
Over two decades they serve their purpose to the computer users. But every growing number of websites, the need for accessing them from different computing devices,  and the access pattern for new computer users paved the need for them to evolve in to their next level.
Today the pattern for consuming internet has changed a lot. Instead of keep remembering the website names, they consume as per the search term. Google innovated instant search and results are loading even before your complete the search query. I have seen people, who type facebook in google to enter in to the facebook website. Google was even entered in to the dictionary as verb. Just like the way excel and calculated made the human to forget the mind calculations, search engines are changing the website accessing pattern of computer users.
Twitter also takes this to next level, where website updates are accessed through shortened url. url Shorteners allow users to shorten their lengthy urls to short format and users able to embed them inside their twitter updates.
Nowadays Users are not interested in the entire contents of any website. Because of the information explotion, they are willing to skim as per their current need. Google and Twitter are helping that.
IPV6 also increasese the number of devices available online. Tomorrow your smartphone can host a website or stream music and video online.
All these things will force the website owners in the future to directly register their website content in to google and keep the new content updated in Twitter.
That day is not too long google like search engine, they can replace the current DNS.
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