Online Cloud Storage – Benefit or Security Breach to the Organization – Part 1

It is a kids play for any user with smartphone to use dropbox app. It is a three step process
Step 1 – search and downlod dropbox app and install
Step 2 – configure and upload your documents
Step 3 – Add your additional computers and start using.
Online storage have removed a lot of hassels users face due to using multiple devices. It helps the users to sync and access their important files in multiple computing devices and platforms. Simplicity is the key to success in this space.
When the server storage space and internet was very costly, it was restricted to uploading of web content through FTP. when peer to peer protocol was famously used for transfering heavy files, a new kind of storage got birth which converted FTP like service inside the web protocol. Rapidshare, megaupload and serveral others are pioneers on that period. They were mostly used to store heavy files and media files.
But when users started using multiple computing devices like computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, they faced the difficulty of different files kept in differet devices or same files with different version in different devices.
Serveral technlogies are developed like usb drive sync, remote access through internet. But smartphone platforms posed major obstacle for this kind of sync. Now online storage taken different shape and they provide sync client for all the desktop, mobile platforms. With this applications any changes you made to the files inside sync folder in one device will automatically synced to cloud through internet and later on to other devices.
Online cloud storage greatly improves the productivity of the users. Users are in control of their data. It can be accessed from any device they use even in off line. Increasing number of smart phone and tablet users getting used to this service. It visible through the number of users using the online cloud storage service.
In nov 2012 Dropbox announce in it’s blog that it has crossed hundred million users. In oct 2012 Box has announced 140,000 active business users. It shows how it has great penetration in large number of user’s day to day life.
Dropbox, box were developed and made the product very simple and innovative. This has yielded them good number of user base. Considering their users growth in short span of time, tech giants like google, microsoft, amazon also entering in to this space. They already have user base in their other products. Having other integrated products like online office package may also give them edge in the near future.
There is no question on their usefulness to the consumers. But they are silently making their entry to the corporates. Will the corporates are ready to tackle this dropbox effect and make these applications work for their user’s productivity improvement with enough protection for their confidential data ?
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