Welcome Smartphones – Good Bye Feature phones

Fourth quarter and yearly sales record shows global smartphone sales increased to 38%. samsung finished the top position in smart phone sales.
Feature phones demand was week and its yearly sales fell to 1.7% from 2011 sales.
This clearly shows that smartphones are entering into more and more user’s everyday lives. Normally mobile phones lifecycle is very low.
Users are fastly changing their feature phones to smartphones. Components used in smartphones price is continuously dropping.
Also smartphones moving from luxury status to a much needed productive tool for every one. The yearly results are evident for this.
Samsung sold 205.7 million smartphones in 2012. Apple sold 130 million smartphones globally in 2012. Gartner ranked Huawei as the number three smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter of 2012 for the first time.
The rise of Huawei as number three vendor in smartphone indicates android phones are differentiated on the product specification not on the product features.
Because features are common for all the android phones and CPU, Ram, Storage space, are the differentiator.
It is a good news for small mobile players, who can push their sales and give tough competition for the big players. More or less smartphone industry follows the path of PC Computers Industry.
More smartphones in the hands of users is a welcome news for Telecom industry , as they were already on the edge of voice call price war in developing countries. Smartphones will help them to increase their revenue in the current tough economic condition. Consumption of cloud services & mobile application will also increase.
Apple seems to have reached its innovation height and Android is also more matured in ICS OS , interesting thing to watch in the coming years is Firefox OS and Ubuntu on phones.
Firefox OS is having more similarities with Android. Ubuntu on phones airms at running well on entry-level smartphones with fast, beautiful interface. canonical has announced that its test version will be released on 21st February 2013.
Ubuntu for android gives an interesting twist for the story. With Ubuntu for Android, you can have a phone that runs the familiar Android interface on the move, but swaps it for a full PC installation of Ubuntu when docked with a keyboard and screen. Seamless integration lets Android and Ubuntu run simultaneously on the phone.
This can create a new market like galaxy note, where a smartphone with high specification can be created which can act as both mobile, tablet and portable computer.
These things may push feature phones out from market and smartphones can become the primary computing platform for mass users.
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