Software Defined Networking ( SDN ) – who will become the next CISCO ?

Software Defined Networking is the new way computer networking world moves. Traditionally Networking Industry has groomed from Repeater,bridges, hub to switches, routers.
When Internet was hosted with text based websies, speed between connected devices were limited with bridges and Ethernet hub.CISCO started inventing routers and Switches which changed the entire landscape. It’s datacentre products helped to increase the backbone speed. Obviously it helped to change the fortune of CISCO.
Now in the cloud era virtualisation plays the main catalyst role. All the physical servers & computers connected with the physical switch ports are moved to virtual servers and desktops. When two virtual servers in one physical server trasfer data through physical switch will be inefficient utilisation of resources.
Just like the way CISCO got the opportunity before two decades to improve the speed of networks. Nowadays Cloud computing presents a great opportunity to the IT Industry. Small players are inventing on Software Defined Networking ( SDN ) and big players are acquiring small players and building their strategy.
Recent events are the proof for this.
In Aug 2011 Dell acquired Force 10 which was specialised in high performance Data centre networking. Its cloud computing cores Z9000 high performance switch can support 32 ports of 40 GbE QSFP+ or 128 ports of 10 GbE SFP+.
Open Flow protocol announced in Feb 2011 allows the path of network packets through the network of switches to be determined by software running on multiple routers. This separation of the control from the forwarding allows for more sophisticated traffic management than is feasible using access control lists (ACLs) and routing protocols
In Nov 2012 Borcade acquired CISCO Competitor and ower of famous software based router Vyatta. Vyatta currently focuses on Network virtualisation.
In Nov 2012 CISCO acquired cloud based network vendor Meraki. Meraki has developed cloud-based network management technology. IT also acquired Vcider in Oct 2012.
Recenty IT News has report that F5 plans to buy SDN Vendor LineRate systems.
Big Switch Networks an early player in software-defined networking (SDN) also recently secured $6.5 million from Intel Capital.
SDN playfield getting hotter day by day. Who is going to be the next CISCO in SDN ? Time will only tell this.
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