Consumers are not yet the actual benefiter on cloud computing

We have seen a lot of buzz in the recent past years about cloud computing. If you look at the journey of cloud computing till now, Consumers are not yet the actual benefiters. The reason behind is the service is not yet formulated in the form in the need of consumers.

The way consumers use in the form of utility based applications. The form in which Cloud service providers like Amazon,Google & Microsoft etc trying to sell is in the form of cpu cycles, Ram, storage. But consumers can not use them directly unless they have smarter application which utlise these raw resources.

There is a huge gap between the consumers need and the cloud computing available in the current form.

Then who is benefiting from Cloud computing ? The SaaS Application developers who moved their infra to cloud computing in the last few years. As most of the SaaS application developers are still giving their service through traditional infrastructure, the early movers get the benefit and charge the customer for traditional model.

Universally agreed Metering of IT services will give better control for application vendors to calculate the price for their product usage. This will provide consumers to demand better pricing for the applications on usage.Metering is not up to the mark till date.

Technology to create virtual pool of combining the resources from different service provider and seamlessly switching between them for the application will give more benefits to the consumer.

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