Dell Ophelia – Cloud PC in the size of pen drive

Can it be unbelievable? Yes. A Personal computer in the size of pen drive and with the cost less than $100. And it is developed by DELL, your next-door computer manufacturer.
It can be connected to any USB based terminal including your television and load full functional cloud based OS like windows, Linux, Android.
Project Ophelia is built on Android , and it supports WiFi and Bluetooth for communication and connection to wireless peripheral devices. It’s basically the smallest thin client ever.
The device will be loaded with Dell’s PocketCloud, which provides remote desktop access.
As predicted by Industry experts, this could be the game changer for the entire computer world.
It may get a very big welcome for corporate, which are interested in implementing BYOD.
Even though it has the potential to penetrate computing in to mass users, it can become the cannibalizing PC Sales.
But any way due to increase of tablet sales, PC sales are going towards south. It indicates the complete paradigm shift in the way how users consume computing power.
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