Oculus Rift is open for Preorder. Can Virtual Reality help Organisations too ?

Oculus Rift is finally open for preorder. The company announced price point and expected to start delivery in Q1 2016. Gamers around the world are awaiting for this device.


Year 2016 is considered to be the breakout year for Virtual Reality ( VR ). Sony’s PlayStation VR is also shipping next year, alongside HTC’s Vive.

VR support is currently planned for Project CARS, Star Citizen, and Minecraft, while planned for the upcoming Unreal Tournament, DayZ, and Dying Light.

This wikipedia link has the list of games supported with Oculus Rift.

Everyone knows it will be used heavily for gaming in the future. At the same time Oculus Rift can be used in organizations for some specialised needs.

The opportunities are endless. VR is already in use for Flight Stimulation and Space programs. But still there are some interesting usage we could do with VR :

Enterprise Training :
With Virtual Reality we can take product Training to next level. We can develop interactive Product Training for employees, where they can feel the 360 degree view of the product and inner layout to better understand functioning.

Customer Demonstration :
We can give better demonstration of the product. Consumer product like Automobile Car Makers can use this and save demo units . At the same time improve customer experience.

Simulation of High Risk Industries Applications :
High risk industries always need more attention. Improper design can destroy huge investment and people lives. Industries like electricity grid, Heavy industries can develop their environment in Oculus and practice employees for disaster prevention through stimulation

HealthCare :
Doctors can do trail surgeries before actual to better understand the risk and how to avoid them.

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