Entrepreneurs and Cloud Computing


What is the search of any Entrepreneur ? They have innovative ideas. They search for suitable IT Systems to make them happen.

But most of the entrepreneurs start their business with the very low capital. They need to be very careful in utilizing the fund. Obviously IT is the backbone for most of the projects. In most cases Entire project depends on the success of the Application to reach their products / services to Customers.

In such a scenario , IT & Applications became more crucial for Entrepreneurs. Luckily Cloud Computing save their day . Now they don’t need to spend too much Capital in the IT Infrastructure.Amazon, Microsoft, Google like companies are offering Infrastructure as a service, in which Entrepreneurs can pay only for their use in server needs.

Success Stories of cloud computing are many. Before Instagram was acquired by Facebook, they raised the fund of $500,000. They operated with a very smaller employee base of 16 employees. From that they attracted 30 million peoples before it was acquired for a staggering $1 billion.

With Cloud Computing in hand, they don’t need to own the IT Infrastructure at the same time they don’t need IT Support Team to manage them. This helps them to keep their employee base in smaller nuclear unit and focus on their core product/ service.

Cloud computing not only replace Server IT Infrastructure, But it also provides a host of services like email, Cloud ERP, Cloud CRM and several innovative utilities in the form of mobile or web apps which are build on top of Cloud Computing .

This helps Entrepreneurs to move strategically their IT Infrastructure, Application, Services to cloud computing with the required SLA and Uptime.

Virtually One man can efficiently run entire business on himself with the help of Cloud Computing. To achieve this Entrepreneurs needs to clearly segregate their needs. Then they need to map their needs with the associated applications available on Cloud. Then they need to evaluate the available choice with the price, SLA, Interoperability with other Systems. Based on that they can choose the application / services and focus only on their core business.


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