Does Apple’s falling Ipad sales, a sign of non commitment to Enterprise Users ?

Its reality. Your fascinating Ipad sales are decreasing. Ipad became a synonymous for tablet since it was launched, even though Microsoft was trying long time to establish Slate and Surface technology as the tablet for enterprises. Apple Ipad is known for its killer looks, user friendly, and obviously for high price.
From the time ipad was launched it’s sales followed similar path like Iphone. But last two years showing its sales staggering and decling marginally.
Huffingtonpost has released its article with the following information
” On Tuesday, Apple said it sold 13.3 million iPads in the second quarter of 2014, down more than 9 percent from the same period last year. It was the second consecutive quarter that Apple saw a decline in its iPad figures: Three months ago, the company reported a 16 percent decrease in sales. “
Ipad Image
Does this sales figure is a result of apple’s lack of commitment towards Enterprise ecosystem.
Till now Iphone & Ipad were sold as consumer device. IT Leaders were never favour of using them in Corporate due to stringent security norms from Industry regulators. But they are helpless in Top most senior members, where CEO, CFO were willing to keep Iphone as replacement for Blackberry and Ipad as the replacement for traditional Laptop.
Apple knows very well about this. But it has not taken enough initiatives to create enterprise apps and management system, so that corporate will be ready to use this  as productive devices in the middle of Laptops and Smartphones  with out taking chance with their IT Infrastructure security and deviating security policies.
To cover up this Apple has recently taken serveral measures to create management and productive features for Enterprise.
Few weeks back Apple also Teamed up with IBM to win business customers by offering iphones and ipads that are customised to Corporate World.
We need to wait and watch whether it is paying dividend by increased sales volume and revenue.
Apart from this their rival Google is also taking several initiatives to push Android Tablets in to Corporate. They have the advantage of mass userbase and low cost.
It is a nice thing to watch how they are presenting heterogeneous solutions to Corporates in which both Android Tabs and Ipads are used and managed securely.
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