Why wearable 1.0 doesn’t impact users as expected?

wearable devices are currently in their first generation. Market is flooded with Android watches having flashy displays, attractive design from some of the market leaders in smart phone makers promising  to give access to Phone calls, email, health information, videos. Apart from this several startup ups are planning to create wearable devices which masters only one of the function like heart rate monitor, blood sugar monitor, fitness monitor etc.
Outlook of wearable device Market potential  is great. Just like one phone per user it have the potential to become multiple wearables per user around the world. But the sale figures doesn’t encourage much. Simply they failed to covert intriguing eyeballs in to good sales numbers .Business Korea has reported disappointing sales figure of leading smart watch SamSung Galaxy Gear first version.
galaxy gear
Image Credit by  Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr
Wearable Technology evolution started mainly due to System on Chip ( SoC ), where one small chip has the capacity to hold all the components of small system and able to run with considerable less power consumption. This made Wearable devices as hot happening place nowadays.
Generally big players tries to replicate once successful device functionalities to the new device. This is evident from several past examples. When Tablets and smartphones entered the market, Industry poineers tries to replicated the same functions of computer. But they failed to catch with the customer. This makes users to expect all the functions of big devices in small devices and created pain in using the functions.
Tablets and Smartphones are never successfull till the time a new kind of OS suitable to them was born.
Big players need to understand keeping flashy displays may not make the consumer to buy the products on huge cost. Most of the functions are same functions ported from your smartphone like email,maps, reminders. But when users have the habit of keeping the mobiles always along with them, there is no point in keeping two devices to do the same work. This creats additional headache of keep monitoring & charging of multiple devices. Some additional feature like heartbeat monitoring added in them. But customers are not willing to pay for that features except gadget lovers and premium first buying category.
Innovations doesn’t happen when we replicated ideas . Wearable Innovators need to reboot their views and think out of the box about the utility of the wearables and how sensible utility can make the consumer to keep wearable a must have.
Users are expecting wearable devices which gives them more control on this always online digital life and more interesting features packed in an tiny easy to use form factor. Sustaintable & interoperable ecosystem holds the key for a very big mass market segment. Vendors need to come together to participate and create this eco system wihch mutually benefit them and the customers.
Some of the evolving innovation looks promising, like wearable ring to contoll all your home appliances and smart phones, wearable band to monitor health of patients etc.
As time progress we can get some cool innovation in wearable technology, which can change the way we live.
Wearable Technology is a technology here to stay for long time with lots of inventions and innovations.
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