It is time for Cloud Email

Cloud email solution gives biggest advantage to the entrepreneurs and small business users. In some cases big enterprises are also considering cloud email for their own email system, business parters and other associates.
During 1960-70 many companies who were used mainframe and terminals used email as a medium for communication between the users. In the same period US Department of Defence Research has created ARPANET which paved the way for Internet.
During 1970-80 growth of personal computing created whole new form of email make that reachable beyond corporate and personal email solution like yahoo, hotmail etc. made email as alternate form of communication for users compared to postal letters.
During 1980-2000 organisation started to implement their own email system to enhance the features as per their need.Microsoft Exchange server, IBM Lotus notes are the leading solution for corporate email system.
During this long journey from 1960 where email has born to till now Email has become a basic efficient communication platform for all. Email service became a commodity. consumers are looking for the feature rich free email solutions. Entrepreneurs and startups need their own domain email server with out the hassle of maintaining servers. Corporates and enterprises are looking to outsource email services and look for more innovative business solutions.
 Till now Email is accessible to the educated users who has Internet reach through laptops or desktops. Globally adoptation of Smartphones and tablets are getting high. In developing nations like China, India smartphones prices are continuously falling down, which consequently reduces the entry barrier for internet.
In poor nations also phones with low end mobile phones are pushing internet to the users.
The current estimated email users worldwide are 2.1 billion and it is expected to grow 2.7 billion in the next four years.
Gartner predicts that around 55% of the email collaboration services will be hosted in Cloud by 2020.
All these factor throw a very big market for cloud email service providers. They need to create very innovative and easily accesible in various mobile devices as mobile devices and ourpacing laptops & desktops in the mobile access.
At the same time they need to provide the service in very cost effective way. This will force them to create a scalable email solution and effective pricing for their service.
Earlier Email solution was involved with technology cost. So service provider charge their service based on the storage space.  Free email service providers provide unlimited storage. In today pricing a person who has 100mb mailbox and regularly downloads mails and sending 100 emails per day are charged less compared to the user who has 25 GB mailbox space and sending 100 mails in a week.
As the technology became a commodity and pricing will be based on the input cost like electricity to run servers, connectivity cost . This will force the service providers to price their product based on the utilisation of their service.
The day was not too far where you will be charged in cents for every mail to send, just like the way how we use to paste stamps to send our letter through traditional postal service.
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